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2nd Deputy

Job opening for 2nd Deputy in Blaine County Clerk's Office. This is a full time position with an annual salary of $31,338.48 plus benefits including health, dental, vision, retirement, sick time, and paid time off. Desired skills & Experience: Must be able to pass drug test, be motivated, reliable, and detail orientated; Good listener and personable both in person and on the phone. Must be able to get along with other team members. Multitasking is a requirement for this office. Computer skills will be helpful, as all transaction are on the computer in this office. Some traveling to class and meetings required. Please mail/drop off resume to: Jennifer Haigler, Blaine County Clerk, 212 N. Weigle, Watonga, Ok 73772.

Posted: 2017-03-03 | Expiration: 2017-03-20